Harrison Sheppard Law & Conflict Resolution, a solo law and dispute resolution practice, chiefly serves small businesses, private family trusts, visual artists, and non-profit enterprises. He offers his services, however, to any client who wishes to resolve a dispute or obtain a fair settlement of a possible claim through efficient negotiation, Harrison serves as outside General Counsel to a variety of small businesses. He has also successfully helped to resolve family disputes concerning beneficial interests in private family trusts.

Harrison Sheppard Law & Conflict Resolution offers up to one hour of initial free consultation for potential clients so both the client and Harrison may decide whether they can work together harmoniously to solve the client’s problem efficiently and economically. The initial consultation also helps both the client and Harrison decide whether referral to another attorney would be in the client’s best interests, in which case Harrison may assist the client to find the right attorney for the client’s particular matter. He believes that his clients deserve to see results achieved as efficiently as possible, and without avoidable legal red tape; to be consulted regularly; and to be kept well-informed of the progress of their matters. Whatever the specific nature of a potential client’s dispute, conflict, or legal problem may be, Harrison offers his professional services to assist potential clients to find the best help available for their particular problem.