Client Testimonials

‘Harrison Sheppard’s outstanding skills as a negotiator, conciliator, and
peacemaker have helped resolve complex legal disputes without the costs
and stresses of needless litigation. As a member of the profession
myself, I would recommend him as one of the most effective, ethical
lawyers I know, and as a legal counselor on whom clients may rely for
sound advice that will address not only the legal issues involved, but
also the other considerations that may bear upon the well-being of the
–Thomas E. Woodhouse, Trust Administrator, Getty Family Trusts, Reno,

‘Working with Harrison Sheppard over the past few years has been both an
education, and a privilege. Harrison has a completely original form of
practice which is richly based on traditional and personal wisdoms, a
visionary discernment, a consistent integrity, and an inspiring trust in
the goodness of humanity. There have been stressful legal confrontations
in my life which Harrison has transformed and for which I am immeasurably
grateful. He is a unique lawyer, scholar, and humanitarian.’
–Victoria Fairbanks, Beneficiary, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Trust, New York

‘Harrison Sheppard operates from the belief that every problem has a core
solution that can be discovered best if unencumbered by today’s legal
process. He is traditional in his values and his sense of fairness, yet
he is untraditional in his approach to discovery and resolution. His
disdain for the waste of fiscal and emotional resources governs his
efforts at simple, dignified, and concise communication. He is a
high-powered peacemaker who restores great faith to the practice of law.’
–Craig Frazier, Craig Frazier Design, Mill Valley, California San

‘Harrison Sheppard is the yardstick of what an attorney should be. He is
not driven by the ‘billable hour’, but by the original ideals of the
great American lawyer: counseling, problem solving, and peace making. His
ability to cut to the core matter at hand in a very timely manner is
exemplary. In my 20 years of having Mr. Sheppard represent me as my
personal lawyer and legal counsel for my corporation, he has proven that
the champion lawyer does indeed exist and does so without the rape of the
–Jock McDonald, President, Jock McDonald Film, Inc.

‘Harrison is one of the most human of beings I’ve ever had the pleasure
working with. He was my customer and friend long before I was a client
of his. A great man whose infinite wisdom never fails to amaze me, his services
destroy all stereotypes of what you believe a lawyer to be. He is creative and
intuitive and, most of all, fair. His services have not only proven to be invaluable
but also a great lesson in humanity. I wholeheartedly recommend him as an
associate, a client, and a friend.’

–Michael Mac Millan, Owner, Into Video, San Francisco