As the client testimonials quoted in this website suggest, Harrison Sheppard is not a typical kind of lawyer, and Harrison Sheppard Law & Conflict Resolution is not the typical law practice.

Though litigation may sometimes be necessary as a last civil resort, sadly, it is far too often the result of a failure of one or more lawyers to be wiser than their clients. Helping to solve a client’s problem with skillful counseling and negotiation is the kind of legal service most clients–particularly business clients–appreciate far more than costly, stressful litigation, and that is the kind of approach we are committed to at Harrison Sheppard Law & Conflict Resolution; Harrison aims to help clients solve their problems, remedy their situations, resolve their disputes, and find peaceful solutions to the matters they bring to him, not just fight a case.

After more than twenty years of practicing law for the U.S. government, followed by three years of practice with a San Francisco law firm, he opened his own San Francisco practice in 1991 because he was and is convinced that formal legal procedures usually involve much more time, cost, and stress to law clients than is necessary to resolve a client’s problems and obtain a fair outcome for him, her, or it.

He therefore focuses his legal services on identifying the core problems that have led to a client’s situation, and seeks to resolve those problems, as much as possible, without the costs and stresses of court proceedings.

For small businesses, he also provides the kind of legal counseling, negotiating, and contract drafting services that are most likely to avoid unnecessary legal problems with customers, suppliers, and other third parties, and resolve such problems efficiently if they do arise. He also has extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies to satisfy a client’s claims expeditiously. Harrison sees himself as a problem-solver, negotiator, and peacemaker first, and recommends litigation only as a last resort. Because he is truly devoted to his clients’ best interests, Harrison Sheppard works diligently and effectively to keep his clients out of court, or get them out of court for a fair settlement as soon as possible.